What is Counselling / Psychotherapy?

Counselling / psychotherapy provides the opportunity to explore the thoughts and feelings connected to difficulties in relating to oneself and others - often prompted by external life circumstances that have become overwhelming.

Depending on the nature of the difficulties, counselling can focus on a particular issue for, say, up to 12 - 20 weeks. Psychotherapy is a more in depth approach of addressing deeper issues, usually over a more open-ended period of time, because the problem has a longer and perhaps more entrenched history.

Having regular and confidential appointments creates a reliable space that allows individuals to talk about aspects of their past and present experiences that they would normally feel to be too painful or shameful to be shared with others. 

Above all else, it is the relationship that develops between the therapist and client which has been shown to be the most important element in contributing towards a successful outcome and this takes time.   
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Counselling in Fulham with Counsellor Nicola Hett